At AGD forty years of collaborative professional experience are focused in a contemporary digitally based practice. The principal Architects Glenn deVeer R.A. and Prof. Kip Dickson R.A. have a wide range of professional experience blending prestigious and complex institutional projects with smaller practical designs built to suit specific client needs. The design team leadership works directly with our managing partner Patrick Chraghchian to ensure that the design meets the development goals of our team and clients. The needs and aspirations of the client are placed foremost in our interest making each project unique to its setting and budget. AGD’s work is the quality of the relationship with clients and user groups. We believe that the ability to listen to constituent voices and formulate creative solutions provides the basis for successful design.

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American General Design (AGD)

There are four branches to AGD’s architectural expertise:
  1. Design

    At AGD, our designs start with careful consideration of the context of the project, and seek to establish a functional – and aesthetic – response to place. Each project is a unique expression of program, market forces and location. Rather than applying the same formula-driven solutions to every job, we believe understanding the circumstances of the project physically, economically and socially is crucial to making certain a building appropriately fits within its surrounding neighborhood. AGD has experience with both historic preservation and developing contemporary designs for new projects.

  2. Environmental Sustainability

    The current industry trend towards ‘green’ building is not new to us, as the basics of today’s move to sustainability are yesterday’s common sense designs. While architects had ignored this idea for many years, it’s been at the heart of our designs from the beginning. AGD has LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified professionals involved with each project to ensure our work meets – or exceeds – state and local environmental standards.

  3. Project Delivery

    Whether it’s an independent “design-bid-build” project, or a design-build collaboration with American General’s team of contractors and construction managers, AGD has the experience to make it happen. Our design and documents services are tailored to meet any project delivery method the client needs.

  4. Services

    AGD provides both comprehensive needs assessments and complete architectural services.

Needs Assessments

  • Project Programming
  • Property Entitlement
  • Master Planning
  • Site Assessment / Suitability Studies
  • ADA Compliance

Architectural Services

  • Schematic Design
  • Design Development
  • Construction Documents
  • Bidding Services
  • Construction Administration
  • Post-Construction Services