AGC specializes in construction with a wide range of project and construction types in its portfolio. These range from simple wood structures to complex steel and concrete building types. A family business headed up by Hamlet Chraghchian G.C. and son Patrick Chraghchian C.E., AGC focuses nearly 60 years of collaborative local and international engineering and constructions services. The principal builders have a lifelong family association encompassing an impressive range of large scale international public works construction and local experience building commercial and institutional work. AGC has significant experience in design-build/design-assist, sustainability design and LEED construction, and budget and schedule management. Our construction management expertise is tied to our design and development projects but can operate independently offering on site construction management for other builders.

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American General Constructors (AGC)

We believe superior construction is achieved through a combination of innovation and hands-on supervision focused on the technical aspects, quality control and precise time and budget management. Our rigid attention to detail coupled with our philosophy to provide more-than full value in time and effort ensures the quality product our clients expect and deserve. AGC’s construction proficiency is built on five pillars:

  1. Schedules

    At AGC we develop critical path planning methods and are extremely adept at maintaining schedules. Our longstanding personal and professional relationships with large numbers of local subcontractors guarantee communication between all parties and that clear lines of authority are established for scheduling and conflict resolution. Having a complete team working together on site saves time and money. This integrated method of design and construction allows fast tracking, leading a five-to-15% savings in time over conventional delivery methods.

  2. Budgets

    Costs have always been a major concern, and the recent economic slowdown has only added to greater emphasis on budgeting. Managing complex construction sequences and processes is essential to controlling budgets and AGC has an extensive list of subcontractors and suppliers who provide real-time cost assessment during design and construction. Most significant is our involvement in the design and documentation process. Including both our project managers and engineers in the design process allows the team to more effectively anticipate costs and deliver a higher quality product. Linking cost assessment with design can save between ten-to-20% in materials and design documentation.

  3. Environmental and Community

    AGC’s team of builders is very experienced fostering neighborhood relationships, including; traffic control, and environmental air, water and noise management. We practice strict safety measures and monitor our subcontractor’s efforts to protect the environment.

  4. Project Delivery

    AGC can customize our construction services to work directly with our design team or a client’s own engineers and architects. We can operate as both a turnkey single source general contractor on individual projects, or as a construction management group for larger developments.

  5. Services

    AGC’s comprehensive construction services include:

  • Cost Estimating
  • Product / Systems Value Engineering
  • Scheduling
  • Bidding
  • General Contracting
  • New Construction
  • Renovation
  • Historical Preservation
  • Construction Management